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Actuarial Projects

Insurance companies and companies that bear insurance risk are confronted with actuarial challenges for which we offer robust and sustainable solutions.


  • Calculating the life reserves, claims reserves and fluctuation reserves
  • Calculating the solvency requirements according to Solvency I, Swiss Solvency Test and Solvency II
  • Conducting economic assessments of future risks and profitability as well as embedded value calculations
  • Optimisation of the reinsurance coverage
  • Providing a second opinions on actuarial calculations

Preparation for Solvency II / Comprehensive Risk Management

Solvency II is a complete new set of rules for insurance companies in the EU / EEA area. We know the rules in detail and are able to apply them efficiently to your company.


  • Calculation and optimisation of the solvency capital requirement
  • Valuation of options and guarantees
  • Implementation of a Solvency II compatible risk management system
  • Implementation of the Own Risk and Solvency Assessment
  • Outsourcing of official functions: Internal audit, actuarial function, risk management function
  • Implementation of reporting procedures

Appointed Actuary

The changing regulatory and risk environment of insurance companies requires constant monitoring. As the appointed actuary we can help you navigate your actuarial challenges.


  • Quarterly and annual reporting to management and the supervisory authority
  • Interacting with the regulatory authority
  • Preparing the appointed actuary report

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