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Certified Pension Fund Expert

As Certified Pension Fund Experts we actively support you by designing and reviewing your pension fund solution.


  • Actuarial balance sheet and risk analysis
  • Review according to Art. 52e Law of Occupational Benefits (expert certification)
  • Concept and design of pension fund solutions with or without insurance coverage
  • Determination of sustainable funding
  • Optimisation of pension fund solutions based on to the benefit target and the interests of the employees and the employer
  • Implementation and adaptation of plan rules
  • Design of reinsurance coverage
  • Full or partial liquidation proceedings

Cost Review

Pension funds should periodically evaluate their current situation, including external service providers. We support you as an independent partner in such an evaluation.


  • Cost review and benchmarking of external mandates and asset management
  • Managing tender processes
  • Collecting reinsurance offers

International Accounting Standards

IFRS and US GAAP include the financial situation of the pension fund in the company’s balance sheet. We provide advice on the classification of the pension plan under IFRS / US GAAP and, the selection of the underlying assumptions. We value the pension liability and produce the required disclosures for the company’s balance sheet.

Our valuation approach is aligned to your accounting needs and our goal is to help you understand how valuation concepts influence your accounting.

We provide support in optimising your pension fund solution according to IFRS / US GAAP.

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